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  Data providers for Report Workshop for Delphi and C++Builder

Data Providers for Reports

Data provider components supply data for reports. A data provider component processes data queries and returns data. This process is transparent for users and programmers: just link TRVReportGenerator component to a data provider component, assign properties specifying the source of data, and everything works automatically.

Most of existing data provider components process the following types of data queries:

  • table names
  • SQL select statements
  • “field:” query (a reference to TDataSetField)

But data queries may be different, for example the MongoDB data provider processes JSON queries instead of SQL.

MongoDB Demo

Report Workshop includes the data provider components listed below. They work “out of the box”: the Setup installs them if the corresponding DB components are already installed.

If you want using other set of DB components, contact us and we may create a data provider for them. Additionally, you can use our universal data provider, where you can:

  • provide a dataset component in an event
  • create a collection of dataset components (may be already with master/detail relations) and refer to them by names

TRVReportDBDataProvider – a univeral database data provider.

ReportWorkshop includes another universal data provider component that uses LiveBindings instead of DataSets:

TRVReportBindSourceDataProvider – a LiveBindings data provider.

Standard Query Processors

In addition to assigning a data provider component, applications may implement special processing for different kinds of data queries.

Report Workshop includes a sample processor, handling queries like “calendar:days of month 1 of 2016”